St Susan Center

Stylized theme for St Susan Center

One of the goals of Tint Press is to help strengthen our on-line but also our local community because of this we donate our services to three non-profits in our local community. All of our design and marketing time is donated to St Susan Center. Our goal is to help give the center a professional look and do what we can behind the scenes to help in their fundraising efforts. Some items that we have help to implement is updating their costly printed quarterly newsletter to an on-line newsletter. We help maintain their social media platforms and their website. In 2014, our third rendition of their website went live.
St Susan Center recently got a new look. We were happy to help showcase the wonderful work that Sue Colwell, Executive Director and her team do at the Center in town. The centers events and fundraisers were highlighted with calendars and event news. And a special thank you to Joel Marsh Productions for supplying us with photographs from recent events.
A pre-existing logo was used in the creation of St Susan Center business cards. St Susan is a non-profit soup kitchen located in Jamestown NY.
The third year in a row that we have designed the postcard invitations for St Susan Center in Jamestown New York. Tint Press is happy to donate the design time to creating these invitations. We honor the Volunteer of the Year in the photo. This year 2015’s recipient is featured along with her family.

from the client...
Thank you so much for your generosity to St. Susan Center. We appreciate your willingness to donate your valuable time and resources to the soup kitchen. Because of you we have an awesome website! Because of you we are able to stay connected to our community without cost to St Susan Center.

Sue Colwell, Director
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