Ulrich Planfiing

A new redesign for Ulrich Planfiling

There are some products that last because they fulfill a timeless need, now as they did then. Ulrich Planfiling organizing important files since 1915 in protective, convenient cabinets. 
Perchance great architects like Frank Lloyd Wright or any number of great designers filed away their architectural drawings, engineering plans, maps and artwork to preserve their creations and protect them from wear, water and fire in these fine tuned cabinets. There’s a number of reasons that Ulrich Planfiling is the elite filing system of documents… strength, protection, convenience. 
Tint Press created an updated manufacturing web design with e-commerce capabilities to this 80 year old company providing the client control of the shopping cart and digital presence.
Client: Ulrich Planfiling Corp - Lakewood NY
Project: Manufacturing Web Design
Date: Autumn 2013

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